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I have been a web developer for the past 13 years. I enjoy what I do, and so on occasion I like to create new designs and offer them for free to the public. When I got started many years ago, I always found that looking at other designers work was one of the best ways to learn proper development. So this is my way of giving back. Creating all these templates does take a significant amount of time however, any donation (however small) is always very much appreciated. (click here to make a donation.) If you need help with this template, or any other project, feel free to send me a note. Use this template however you wish, just please leave the links at the bottom.

To use this template without the links, simply make a $5.00 donation.

Look mom, no images!

This was the first template I made with zero images, hence the name. There's no reason you shouldn't add images of your own when you modify it - I just thought I'd see what could be done with just the basics, including no fancy colors either :)

Template Usage

This template was created for free use, all I ask is that you please leave the link back to me. You can modify it, share it, and do whatever you please with it. If you really must remove the links for commercial reasons, all I ask is that you just send me whatever you think it is worth to you. (paypal: paypal [-at-] bryantsmith.com). Other than that, this template should be really easy to modify, and make it what you want it to be.

About me:

My name is Bryant Smith, I've been a web developer, designer, programmer, and marketing for the past ten years. I love what I do, and I love sharing it with the world. I hope you enjoy my site. (replace this with yours, obviously).